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Hey, I’m Marisa

Pronounced Mar-ē-sa

captain coder captain coder

I’m a Coder.
Captain Coder.

I’ve been coding for over 20 years. I’m only 34, so yes, that means I was 13 when I watched my older brother code and decided I wanted to learn it, too.

I started teaching myself and reverse engineering websites I built on Geocities, took a couple classes in high school, and took a PHP class in college. I got my first full-time coding gig after I graduated high school, working as an in-house web developer who also had to learn marketing on the fly.

As an undergraduate student, I worked as part of a mostly-male team coding in ASP.Net C# for one of the schools on campus. All that coding and I got my BA and Master’s in Literature. (My mom LOVED that.)

Adding in a Dash of Digital Marketing

I took that love for writing and applied it to writing killer website copy. Then I took it and jumped on the first Facebook pages, was a Pinterest beta user, email marketing strategist, wrote digital ad copy, and have been jumping around digital marketing channels ever since.

The short of it is all of that experience led me to creating a full-service agency and then a WordPress website agency, where I’m able to do way more for my clients than websites.

Oh, I also teach Digital Marketing at Wichita State University. You know, for the kids.

marisa vanskiver web developer marisa vanskiver web developer

I’ve Been Where
You Are

The thing is, I’ve been where you are now. I’ve been the web designer and developer struggling to grow their business. I’ve struggled to ask for the prices I know I deserve because I felt like I needed to get that sale.

But over time, I’ve learned how to position myself, all of my experience, and turn that into the value my customers are willing to pay for.

Most importantly, I create incredible value with the websites I build so that my customers are happy to pay for that and usually are happy enough they refer other business owners my way.

Marisa Vanskiver podcast host Marisa Vanskiver podcast host