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How Focusing on Digital Accessibility Improves SEO and UX

I believe so strongly in building websites following digital accessibility best practices that I literally made it the second episode of this podcast.

But I taught digital accessibility to my MBA students just a couple of weeks ago, and I noticed some common misconceptions around the concept itself and why it’s important.

I also noticed that most of my students cared less about building an inclusive website and more about what building a website that way could do for them. Continue reading “How Focusing on Digital Accessibility Improves SEO and UX”

Optimizing Images for SEO & Page Speed

If you’re not worried about the page speed of the sites you’re building, you should be. Most of us won’t wait very long for a site to load – research says we have about 3 seconds before our users will go elsewhere.

One of the key ways you can speed up your website is by ensuring that your images are optimized properly.

That means your images are the right size – both dimensionally and are the correct file size – and ensuring that you use the right image types. There’s also an awesome side benefit to optimizing your images – improving your SEO and on-site accessibility. The key thing here though is most of this work happens before you even think about uploading your images to a website.

Let me walk you through 4 easy steps to optimizing your images every time.
Continue reading “Optimizing Images for SEO & Page Speed”

How to Make Your Websites Inclusive

Want a way to become a better developer and instantly be able to charge a bit more for the websites you build? Build for digital accessibility best practices!

If you haven’t heard or seen any conversations on digital accessibility and making inclusive content lately, I’d be surprised. I’m not going to rehash why you need to care about making your content inclusive to everyone that might view it, but I do want you to know that it’s not the overwhelming task you think it is.

In fact, if you make just a few tweaks to your own workflows and your websites, you can do a lot in a little amount of time to make your websites inclusive – no matter if the person viewing it is hard of hearing, has visual impairments, or other different abilities. Continue reading “How to Make Your Websites Inclusive”

You Need to Start Caring About Web Accessibility

I’ve spoken a lot in the last couple of years to groups throughout my home town of Wichita, KS, on how to build an effective marketing website. While I try to distill the many nuances that go into building a great website into an hour-long presentation that is entertaining and informative, I always make sure to at least touch on accessibility for the web.

While I often get their attention to its importance by highlighting the many lawsuits medium and large companies are facing throughout the US because their websites are not accessible, the reason to care about digital accessibility goes far beyond avoiding a lawsuit. Continue reading “You Need to Start Caring About Web Accessibility”