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What is Storytelling in Marketing?

A few years ago, I sincerely thought that I wouldn’t be a coder or a marketer for much longer. My original career trajectory was to get my PhD and then teach Literature at the university level. I was just coding and working in marketing to pay my way through school (or so I thought).

When life happened and my side hustle started to morph into my full-time gig, something new was coming into marketing that made me excited about that life shift. What was that trend?

Marketing storytelling.

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Content Marketing 101

With the advent of social media and all of the digital channels where we spend our time, we can get bombarded with marketing messages.

We also have an increasing amount of control over our interruptions. To earn eyeballs, we simply have to create better content (easier said than done, I’m well aware).

One of the ways we can do this is to implement a solid content marketing strategy. I’m going to walk you through the basics of content marketing and how you can create a strategy that’s right for your ideal audience.

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Writing Website Copy that Sells – in 5 Steps

Look, I’m going to be harsh with you.

That pretty, modern, clean, user-friendly website you built can only get your client so far.

Those expensive photoshoots they did are great, but the pictures aren’t the main thing a customer cares about.

And you can build a website that moves at lightning speed, but your client is still not going to win on that alone.

What is it, then, that takes your website from everyday to something that actually stands out and converts?

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