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How Focusing on Digital Accessibility Improves SEO and UX

I believe so strongly in building websites following digital accessibility best practices that I literally made it the second episode of this podcast.

But I taught digital accessibility to my MBA students just a couple of weeks ago, and I noticed some common misconceptions around the concept itself and why it’s important.

I also noticed that most of my students cared less about building an inclusive website and more about what building a website that way could do for them. Continue reading “How Focusing on Digital Accessibility Improves SEO and UX”

Goddamnit, Improve Your Customer Care

I’m going to go on a bit of a rant today, but I promise if you read all the way to the end, you’re going to learn the number one way to improve your sales and repeat customers.

Literally, the number one thing that has kept my clients coming back to me, referring me to their friends and contacts, and giving me great reviews.

Want to know what that is?

Of course you do! Continue reading “Goddamnit, Improve Your Customer Care”

Are You the Expert or Not?

I love Facebook Groups. They can be a great place to connect, find resources, and just generally commiserate with others in the marketing and developer communities.

There was a younger developer in one of my groups a few weeks ago. She was expressing frustration that her clients “didn’t understand” that they needed to provide her the copy and tell her exactly what they wanted her to build. She’s just the web developer who’s going to build it for them.

Oh sweet honey child, if only that were true.

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B2B or B2C: Your Audience is All Human

The age old debate in marketing has long been how do you switch up your strategies when you’re a B2B company or a B2C one.

If you’re dealing with businesses as your main customers, surely that’s so incredibly different than when you’re selling directly to a consumer, right?

Well, frankly, that’s kind of wrong.

Cause the thing is, whether you’re a B2B brand or a B2C one, your customers all have one thing in common – they’re human.

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How Training Your Clients to Update Their Own Websites Helps You

Ok, bear with me here. I understand the concern many of you have about fully turning over the keys of a website to a customer.

In the years I’ve been a web developer (16 or so), I’ve heard everything from customers from “I have no clue” or “I don’t have access to that” or “My other web developer handled that, but now they won’t answer my emails.”

When a business doesn’t have control over their foundational marketing piece, i.e. their website, that’s very bad news for me. However, this is a way for you to strike a happy medium of giving them control without worrying about them breaking that site you spend so many hours creating.

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