Digital MastersTM: Growing Your Web Dev Business

5 Ways to Improve Paid Ad Campaigns

Running paid ads through Google, Facebook, and other online platforms can help you accelerate your clients’ marketing and leads generation.

Paid ads on digital platforms can feel pretty overwhelming and unless you set up everything correctly, can end up costing more money than they should or need to.

But here’s the secret – you can do everything on the ads themselves to optimize them, set up everything the way that Facebook or Google loves, but unless you’ve done the work on the destination website first, it won’t matter much. Continue reading “5 Ways to Improve Paid Ad Campaigns”

Facebook Down – Don’t Build Businesses on Rented Space

Were you or a client personally victimized by the Facebook shutdown of 2021?

Chances are, the largest social media sites being down for several hours affected your own business and also your clients’. Ads stopped running, posts couldn’t be published, and some companies lost their entire web presence because they rely only on Facebook and Instagram to do business.

Which is the biggest mistake a business can make.

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B2B or B2C: Your Audience is All Human

The age old debate in marketing has long been how do you switch up your strategies when you’re a B2B company or a B2C one.

If you’re dealing with businesses as your main customers, surely that’s so incredibly different than when you’re selling directly to a consumer, right?

Well, frankly, that’s kind of wrong.

Cause the thing is, whether you’re a B2B brand or a B2C one, your customers all have one thing in common – they’re human.

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Everyone Finds Digital Marketing Overwhelming (And What to Do About It)

I wanted to take a break from our normally scheduled program to share a short, but relevant message with you.

Over the last few months, I’ve shared lots of tips, strategies, and just general marketing information with you. While I’ve been doing this a long time (15 years or so), I certainly know a lot, but I don’t know everything.

And want to hear a secret?

Everyone, at times, finds digital marketing overwhelming.

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What is Storytelling in Marketing?

A few years ago, I sincerely thought that I wouldn’t be a coder or a marketer for much longer. My original career trajectory was to get my PhD and then teach Literature at the university level. I was just coding and working in marketing to pay my way through school (or so I thought).

When life happened and my side hustle started to morph into my full-time gig, something new was coming into marketing that made me excited about that life shift. What was that trend?

Marketing storytelling.

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Content Marketing 101

With the advent of social media and all of the digital channels where we spend our time, we can get bombarded with marketing messages.

We also have an increasing amount of control over our interruptions. To earn eyeballs, we simply have to create better content (easier said than done, I’m well aware).

One of the ways we can do this is to implement a solid content marketing strategy. I’m going to walk you through the basics of content marketing and how you can create a strategy that’s right for your ideal audience.

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10 Steps to Build a Marketing Machine Website

A website on its own will not bring customers in droves.

A poorly built website is, frankly, just a waste of money.

Unless you build a website that has the components it needs to actually convert browsers into buyers, a website won’t do much for your clients.

In my 16 (really 20, but let’s not get into that) years of building websites, the key pieces that make a website go from present to great haven’t really changed a whole lot. Continue reading “10 Steps to Build a Marketing Machine Website”

3 Web Design Tips that Improve User Experience

Ah, design. The most subjective and hard to articulate part of the website creation process for every single one of my customers. Many people know less what they do like and more what they don’t.

If you’re a web developer, design might not be your strongest suit. But no matter what your personal style is, there are some simple things you can do to not only improve the look of the designs you’re creating, but also help to improve your UX. The best part is, these design tips can fit in with any type of website. Continue reading “3 Web Design Tips that Improve User Experience”

Writing Website Copy that Sells – in 5 Steps

Look, I’m going to be harsh with you.

That pretty, modern, clean, user-friendly website you built can only get your client so far.

Those expensive photoshoots they did are great, but the pictures aren’t the main thing a customer cares about.

And you can build a website that moves at lightning speed, but your client is still not going to win on that alone.

What is it, then, that takes your website from everyday to something that actually stands out and converts?

Hint: it’s what you’re reading now. Continue reading “Writing Website Copy that Sells – in 5 Steps”

Finding and Speaking to Your Ideal Client

Buyer personas, target clients, ideal audience, ideal customer avatar – all ways that I’ve heard and seen others talk about finding your preferred audience.

Niching down and discovering who you like to work for – and more importantly, what they like about working with you – is a huge key to growing your web development business.

Often when others talk about niching they think they need to work with a specific industry, like financial or fitness. But that can get bored after you’ve built 10 gym websites. So how do you niche down and identify your ideal client, without risking boredom?

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