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How Focusing on Digital Accessibility Improves SEO and UX

I believe so strongly in building websites following digital accessibility best practices that I literally made it the second episode of this podcast.

But I taught digital accessibility to my MBA students just a couple of weeks ago, and I noticed some common misconceptions around the concept itself and why it’s important.

I also noticed that most of my students cared less about building an inclusive website and more about what building a website that way could do for them. Continue reading “How Focusing on Digital Accessibility Improves SEO and UX”

Automating Your Clients’ Businesses with Their Websites

When you’re building a website for a client, there’s a lot of things you need to think about. Their objectives and goals with the website, whether they need to make direct sales or get more calls, how they intend to earn an ROI for their investment – all things that you have to keep in mind before you build.

But the cool thing about a website is that it can do more for a business than just be a sales and marketing tool.

It can also help to automate processes in a business and make that small business owner’s life just a little bit easier.

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Are you in charge of making your clients CCPA and GDPR Compliant?

A couple weeks ago in a private group I’m in for web developers, a newer developer was complaining that she needed to provide “more direction” to her clients than she’d like. After all, those are their businesses! She wanted them to tell her exactly what they wanted and she’d build it.

Man, that sounds really easy right?

Unfortunately, if you’ve worked with more than 2 clients, you know that’s simply not how this game works. When you’re building a website for someone and their business, they trust that you’re the expert. That you know the questions to ask them. That you know the common pitfalls and things to look out for. They understand their business, sure, but they don’t necessarily know how to translate their business into the web.

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5 Reasons Web Design Starts with Mobile

When I started developing websites professionally 16 years ago, I only had to worry about a couple of screen sizes. Most monitors came in roughly the same size and we didn’t have to even think about phones.

Now, we have so many devices to plan for that when you develop a website you’re managing multiple breakpoints.

But if you haven’t made the switch to mobile-first design yet, you’re at the risk of being behind a pretty big curve.

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Consistency Improves UX & Makes Your Life Easier

If you’re like me at all, you probably want to build websites faster every time you build one.

After all, time is money and a fast build means a higher profit margin – especially if you charge a flat rate fee.

I’ve learned through years of building hundreds of websites that the key to building fast and building for the best UX is the same answer – consistency. Continue reading “Consistency Improves UX & Makes Your Life Easier”