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3 Key Decisions Before You Build a Website

Do you put a lot of care into your own projects for clients, but often find yourself neglecting those same processes when it comes to your own?

I’ll admit, I’m 100% guilty of that. I’m starting a new project for myself that I’m hoping to have live by the end of the year, and I decided that I needed to follow my standard process. But not only that, improve on it!

That got me to thinking. As I work through this personal website redesign, what decisions need to be made or thought about before you write a single line of code, think about a design, or write any copy? Continue reading “3 Key Decisions Before You Build a Website”

5 Reasons Web Design Starts with Mobile

When I started developing websites professionally 16 years ago, I only had to worry about a couple of screen sizes. Most monitors came in roughly the same size and we didn’t have to even think about phones.

Now, we have so many devices to plan for that when you develop a website you’re managing multiple breakpoints.

But if you haven’t made the switch to mobile-first design yet, you’re at the risk of being behind a pretty big curve.

Continue reading “5 Reasons Web Design Starts with Mobile”

10 Steps to Build a Marketing Machine Website

A website on its own will not bring customers in droves.

A poorly built website is, frankly, just a waste of money.

Unless you build a website that has the components it needs to actually convert browsers into buyers, a website won’t do much for your clients.

In my 16 (really 20, but let’s not get into that) years of building websites, the key pieces that make a website go from present to great haven’t really changed a whole lot. Continue reading “10 Steps to Build a Marketing Machine Website”

Consistency Improves UX & Makes Your Life Easier

If you’re like me at all, you probably want to build websites faster every time you build one.

After all, time is money and a fast build means a higher profit margin – especially if you charge a flat rate fee.

I’ve learned through years of building hundreds of websites that the key to building fast and building for the best UX is the same answer – consistency. Continue reading “Consistency Improves UX & Makes Your Life Easier”

3 Web Design Tips that Improve User Experience

Ah, design. The most subjective and hard to articulate part of the website creation process for every single one of my customers. Many people know less what they do like and more what they don’t.

If you’re a web developer, design might not be your strongest suit. But no matter what your personal style is, there are some simple things you can do to not only improve the look of the designs you’re creating, but also help to improve your UX. The best part is, these design tips can fit in with any type of website. Continue reading “3 Web Design Tips that Improve User Experience”