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Are you struggling to get the prices for websites you need to be profitable? Do you feel like you’re constantly fighting to be the lowest bid so you’ll be picked? What can you do to have the freedom and revenue you’ve always wanted?

Each week, I’ll take you through actionable strategies I’ve learned in my 16+ years of building websites and digital marketing that will allow you to add value and recurring revenue to your own business. You’ll stop hearing price objections and you’ll be able to increase your price points with every proposal you send.

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building websites for more money building websites for more money

Can You Charge More for Websites?

With the rise of SquareSpace, Wix, and even WordPress drag-and-drop theme builders, there are a lot of options that make building your own website easier by the day.

For those of us that code or build websites for a living, this can look like unwelcome news.

But what if I told you that you could actually charge more for the websites you’re building and add services to your business that can bring in recurring revenue?

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Host Marisa VanSkiver Host Marisa VanSkiver

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I’m Marisa and I began coding websites over 20 years ago, back when Geocities was a thing and I was just a nerdy teenager that assigned herself homework. I continued to work on my craft and learned digital marketing along the way to help me create websites that are true marketing foundations for my clients.

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