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The Power of Digital Marketing Training

The real trick I use in my own agency that allows me to charge at least $5,000 for a simple website?

I apply a few simple principles to make my websites marketing machines for my clients! Go from building a good website that runs well to a great website that helps to sell their services or products.

I Want to Earn More

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Build Websites that Convert

Here’s the thing. I’ve been where you are. I’ve been coding for 20 years, been building websites for 17, and people have been actually paying me to do it for over 16 years. (The 16 year-old didn’t think to charge money, ok??? It was the early 2000s!)

I kept finding that clients wanted more than just a website. They wanted websites that worked. So I learned digital marketing. (Ha, well, more to it but….)

I’ve distilled 16 years of research and experience into a 6 week course that will help you learn the process you need to follow to build websites that convert and become marketing machines.

After all, your clients will pay more when they know they’ll earn a return on that investment. Plus, when you make your clients money, they’re happier at the end of a project and refer you to their friends.

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My Students Love My Style

building a marketing machine website building a marketing machine website

Building a Marketing Machine Website

While there will still be more for you to learn, especially if you want to specialize in anything, this course will teach you:

  • The On-Boarding Questions to Ask at the Start of Every Project
  • Creating the Sitemap & Navigation
  • Writing Copy that Sells & Improves SEO
  • Components Every Homepage Needs
  • Digging in to On-Page SEO & Digital Accessibility
  • How to Test & Review with Analytics
  • BONUS #1 - Grab my Launch Checklist for the Smoothest Launches
  • BONUS #2 - My Development Process for Faster Website Builds

Everything in this course is something you can apply not only to your clients’ businesses, but to your own as well.

A lot of web development coaches keep telling you to charge more money for your websites, but won’t teach you the skills you need to do it long-term and keep your customers happy.

This course will not only help you gain those skills, but show you how to apply them to create a better customer experience all around!

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Do you want to be in the first class of Building a Marketing Machine Website? While I’m working on creating all of the course content, you can be the first to get access AND save $100 on the Founding Member $297 class fee!

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