Digital MastersTM: Growing Your Web Dev Business

5 Ways to Improve Paid Ad Campaigns

Running paid ads through Google, Facebook, and other online platforms can help you accelerate your clients’ marketing and leads generation.

Paid ads on digital platforms can feel pretty overwhelming and unless you set up everything correctly, can end up costing more money than they should or need to.

But here’s the secret – you can do everything on the ads themselves to optimize them, set up everything the way that Facebook or Google loves, but unless you’ve done the work on the destination website first, it won’t matter much. Continue reading “5 Ways to Improve Paid Ad Campaigns”

Finding and Speaking to Your Ideal Client

Buyer personas, target clients, ideal audience, ideal customer avatar – all ways that I’ve heard and seen others talk about finding your preferred audience.

Niching down and discovering who you like to work for – and more importantly, what they like about working with you – is a huge key to growing your web development business.

Often when others talk about niching they think they need to work with a specific industry, like financial or fitness. But that can get bored after you’ve built 10 gym websites. So how do you niche down and identify your ideal client, without risking boredom?

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Designing a Homepage that Converts

When someone comes to you for a website, you want to build them something that converts and bring them leads, right? After all, a happy customer leaves great reviews and will do work with you in the future.

Their homepage is where a lot of customers will be making quick, rapid decisions.

So how can you create a homepage for your clients that keeps users clicking through and even converts? Let’s break it down!

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